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Framed Pokémon

A couple of years ago a lovely friend of mine created a A-Z of Pokémon cross stitch for Robin. It’s taken me this long to finally frame it but I got there in the end.

The frame was from IKEA, however I purchased it from someone else. I decided to repaint the black frame as there were a couple of dents in the woods. I simple sanded these down and applied some filler where needed.

I had the cross stitch with me when purchasing the frame, the lady who sold it to me suggested mounting it within the frame and maybe adding a couple of Pokémon underneath. So glad she suggested this as I never thought to do it. Luckily Jerry had a small stack of cards that were giving to him a few years back.

Rather than getting proper mounting board, I decided to purchase a piece of thick card instead.

I’m very happy with the final result, and it’s now hanging proudly downstairs rather than Robin’s room.



Return to cross stitch

Thanks to a lovely little Secret Santa gift, I have returned to cross stitching! I haven’t done this since, well, April last year when I stitched the dinosaur design for my friends birthday.

I’m very much enjoying doing cross stitch at the moment, mainly because it’s a simple sit on the sofa and crack on with it kind of craft. Also being able to put it down and come back to it even if you’re half way through a row. I’m not one for large cross stitch projects but I do like the mini kits which are perfect for cards. Picked up a couple of other kits the other day and am looking forward to starting on them. Tempted to make some Christmas themed ones this year, as well as doing my other handmade Christmas cards.

Anyway, that’s enough of me going on about my liking of cross stitch, here is the one I’ve just completed and will be sending to s friend today.


Dinosaur Cross Stitch

I used to do a lot of cross stitch when I was younger, but I feel I had a little more patience back then. Also I didn’t have the likes of the Internet to distract me…

My friends birthday was coming up, so I wanted to make her something a little different. Thankfully she has a love for dinosaurs, so this made the subject matter of the cross stitch easy to decide.

Hard to say how long this actually took me to complete, most likely a couple of solid hours. I managed to stretch it out over two weeks whilst I was unwell, so not bad going.


I also managed to pick up the perfect card to go with my creation. Happy Birthday Katy!


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