Month: February 2019

Pom Pom Wreath

I finally got round to buying some pom pom makers! I know you can create a similar thing with a few bits of cardboard, but these are far cooler 😛

I purchased a 4 pack of makers from Hobbycraft for £5, good value for money if you ask me. I then picked up a Wire Wreath Frame for £1, along with a couple of balls of Party Time Chunky Yarn.

For this project I decided to use the 5.5cm (pink) pom pom maker. I found myself spending a few evenings sat in front of the TV churning out one after the other.
One day Robin spotted them all in a bag and wanted to play, sadly that was sort lived due to him throwing them about the room and me wanting to actually do something with them.

The wreath making was pretty simple. I made sure that I had enough yarn on each pom pom when tying them up, so that I could attach them to the wire frame. After a bit of fiddling, I finally created this…


So much fun! Great craft project for kids or adults and perfect for all year round.

My New Obsession

I think it’s time to come clean… I’m obsessed with Facebook Marketplace.
There, I’ve said it!

Since moving into the house I can’t stop checking it on my phone. It amazes me what stuff people want to sell or sometimes even give away for free!

I’ve already saved myself so much money by looking on Marketplace before considering going to the shops. If you can get the exact same thing that’s only been used for a few months for a fraction of the cost in store or online, you’d be silly not to get it. Also it’s good to recycle unwanted items.

TV Unit – This I didn’t actually find on Marketplace. I was actually going to pick up a box of Duplo for £5, when I turned up to collect I saw this sitting outside their house. I assumed they had put it outside waiting for someone to collect, however I was wrong. I inquired and they responded ‘We were going to take it to the tip’. I then asked if there was anything wrong, they replied ‘Some knobs missing, couple of the draws need some screws and it could do with a fresh coat of paint’. They didn’t want anything for it, we needed a new TV stand, so in the back of the car it went!
(For sale on for £144)

Side Table – We no longer have the space for a coffee table, so I was on the lookout for a little table to go beside the sofa. I then spotted this adorable little table with shelf, drawer and patterned top for only £3!

Drawer Knobs – Now that I had the TV unit and the side table, I was on the lookout for some replacement knobs. Browsing through I came across these, which are apparently from Anthropologie. These knobs are a mixture of acrylic and wood. I managed to get all 6 (including P&P as the seller wasn’t local) for £20. I thought this was pretty reasonable knowing that a lot of the knobs in Anthropologie are at least £5 each.

My plan for the above is to repaint the TV unit and side table (not including the tops of both) in a light grey paint. For the TV unit I’ll replace all of the knobs with the new fancy ones, remove the black decorative dots and likely replace the door hinges (Any ideas what hinges to go for?). And for the side table I’m going to attach the remaining knob to the drawer.

Rug – I had previously purchased a play rug for £5 from Facebook, however we (well, my husband) felt it was a little out of place in the room. So I discovered this one for £10, and then resold the previous rug for what I paid for it. Making this rug only £5 in the end!
(For sale on for £35)

Coat Stand – Three weeks after moving into the house, we were still putting our coats on the back of the dining room chairs. The entrance to the house isn’t that big and there isn’t any hooks on the walls. Then I spotted this coat for £8! It even has a low enough peg on it for Robin’s coat and hat.
(For sale on for £21.99)

DIY Drum Lampshade

We’d recently bought the LAUTERS tripod floor lamp base from IKEA, but I wasn’t really a fan of any of the shades that were on offer there. I had a good look online to see what I could find, but either the patterns or the prices were not right.

I then came across a lampshade making kit on Amazon (which can also be purchased directly from Dannells website) and thought that I should just try and make my own! I popped to my local fabric shop and found some lovely fabric that I thought would go well with the lamp base and the rest of the room.

When I first saw the instructions I was a little overwhelmed, however it was a lot easier than I thought. My first challenge was cutting the very long piece of fabric correctly on the floor (obviously I had chosen the largest shade at a whopping 45cm diameter!).
I then improvised with the sticky back plastic weights (seen above as two bottles of Fairy fabric conditioner and a candle).
Somehow I did manage to successfully roll the plastic backed fabric onto the very sticky hoops. The instructions recommended getting a friend to help, but typical me was determined to do it myself.
The final stage involved a lot of tucking with a small piece of plastic. Now this part took some time and patience. I now understand the work that goes into making a simple lampshade, kudos to those who do it for a business!


After all of the tucking and poking, I finally had a complete lampshade! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Quite tempted to make one for the landing…


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