Month: February 2017

Happy Mum Happy Baby

I had the joy of attending an evening with Giovanna Fletcher at the Guild Hall in Bath on Friday evening. Touring with her new book ‘Happy Baby Happy Mum‘ where she’s documented her thoughts and stories about mother hood.

I can’t really give a review of the book just yet as I haven’t read it (been a busy weekend), but I’ll certainly update this post when I’m done 🙂

It was a lovely evening and was an absolute pleasure to meet Gi, such a wonderful loving person.

Take A Walk Down Look Lane

Take A Walk Down Look Lane

I wanted to write a blog post about this new website called Look Lane that my friends helped build. If you’re a maker and would like to start selling your creations on a great looking website with reasonable selling fees, then Look Lane is certainly the site for you.


Created by Debbie, founder/designer from indie brand Duck & Duffel – she decided to launch a shopping platform that met the needs of both buyers and creators.
As you can see below, the website looks amazing and the fact that you can design your shop front just makes it all that more fun.


Why not open your shop today! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too.

Going For The Chop!

So it all started on the afternoon of Saturday February 6th 2016. I joined my friend Becky and Amy at a local coffee house for a spot of brunch and a lovely mug of hot chocolate. Amazing Amy (as I call her) was then going through chemo for breast cancer.
(To read a blog post about her cancer experience, click here)

Amy pulled out one of the NHS wigs that she had been given and I took the opportunity to give it a try. Then for a laugh I posted a picture or two on my Facebook profile and told everyone that I had gotten myself a new hairdo.

I was rather amazed at how many people fell for it, it was rather amusing. I kept them all waiting whilst we went on a trip to IKEA. Upon our return I thought it was about time to come clean. I then had everyone telling me to just do it! I didn’t see any reason why not to, I’d grown my hair out for the wedding and that had been and gone, so why ever not!

I was inspired by Carrie Fletcher to not only get my hair cut, but to also donate it to the Little Princess Trust. I luckily had just about the right amount to be able to donate.

Fast forward to Saturday March 12th 2016, today was the day I sat in the hairdresser chair, closed my eyes and gave the okay to chop it off! I was pretty amazed with how quickly I got used to it being so short.

I gave it a couple of days to dry out (as requested in the instructions), then it was off to the post office to send away my locks with hope that it would help become part of a wig for a child suffering from hair loss. Few months after that I received a certificate thanking me for my donation 🙂

If you’re thinking about donating your hair, go check out the Little Princess Trust website for more information. Why not try and fundraise for getting your locks cut off too!

(I know this was last year, but thanks to Facebook memories yesterday I thought I would write a post about it)

When You Finally Realise You’re Going To Be A Mum

I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and only now am I regretting not writing a blog about those previous weeks. My dear husband however was far smarter than I and started writing a physical diary back in September. I’ve not actually read any of it yet (I know right!), I have no idea why. Maybe I’ve been avoiding it for some reason, for an evening where I want to sit in my nursing chair and have a good cry, who knows!

This last week I think it’s finally hit me, in about 2 months I will be a mum. That’s nuts! I know what you’re thinking, how on earth can it take you that long to realise?  Well, it has img_4503so that’s that. Holding my cousins little one last night really made it dawn on me for some reason. Strangely enough the actual giving birth bit doesn’t bother me (yet), but the realisation of becoming a parent has. You ask yourself questions like ‘Can I actually do this?’ ‘What if I’m doing it wrong?’ ‘How does one actually change a nappy?’. But I’m sure every mum-to-be has those thoughts and sometimes you do forget how much of a life changing thing it is that you’re about to go through.

I think what I’m struggling with is the only being able to prepare/organise so much part. Yes the nursery is already sorted, yes we probably have more than enough clothes for him, but now there isn’t much more we can actually do. For someone who likes to plan as much as possible in advance, this is the first time I’ve felt a little lost about what to do next. And the answer to that really is to just be patient and wait until he’s ready to arrive. My due date is the 4th April, most of my family are convinced it’ll be March, we shall see. I’m not really sure how true the whole ‘but your first is usually late’ thing is. After my cousins partner gave birth to her son at 28 weeks, anything can happen really!

Another thing I don’t think I can prepare for is the love I’ll have for him, well that’s what people have said to me anyway. If anything that’s exciting! Obviously being in love with your husband is amazing, but I get a feeling this will be a whole different kind of love. I still very much look forward to the days when he’s a little older and we can go explore places. I was quite fortunate in a way when I was younger, spending most of my weekends at farmers markets or in a field in the middle of nowhere. My parents would be sorting out the trade stall and I would go on mini adventures on my own, exploring the trees, meeting other children and making up fun games to play. That’s what I hope for our child, a feeling of freedom and exploration. Asking all of the questions and wanting to know more about what’s around him and the world, and the universe whilst he’s at it!

I feel like I’m babbling on about a lot of random thoughts now… maybe it’s the terrible night sleep I had, maybe I’m just beginning to think about it all a little more. But I do know that I very much look forward to meeting you little one.

Return to cross stitch

Thanks to a lovely little Secret Santa gift, I have returned to cross stitching! I haven’t done this since, well, April last year when I stitched the dinosaur design for my friends birthday.

I’m very much enjoying doing cross stitch at the moment, mainly because it’s a simple sit on the sofa and crack on with it kind of craft. Also being able to put it down and come back to it even if you’re half way through a row. I’m not one for large cross stitch projects but I do like the mini kits which are perfect for cards. Picked up a couple of other kits the other day and am looking forward to starting on them. Tempted to make some Christmas themed ones this year, as well as doing my other handmade Christmas cards.

Anyway, that’s enough of me going on about my liking of cross stitch, here is the one I’ve just completed and will be sending to s friend today.


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