Month: April 2015

Polkadots & Petticoats – Wedding Certificate Box

I’ve been following Polka Dots & Petticoats on Instagram for a while now. There are so many pretty items on Jackie’s store, so many in fact that you’d want to buy it all!
The day I clicked onto her site there was a sale on (we all love a good bargain). I’d been looking for a nice wedding certificate box and just my luck this one appeared. £2.50 I think it was, great deal indeed!
Communication of your order is fantastic, with notifications every step of the way. However, the packaging was the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen! Even the little touches of a Thank You sticker and heart packing tape on the envelope was amazing 🙂
Once I had opened the envelope, this stunning masterpiece was wrapped in more bubble wrap (no risk of any damage that’s for sure). It felt like I had received a belated Birthday present.
Every park of this packaging was simply adorable. From the ‘Packed by’ sticker, to the free sample of Wax Tart, quote card and the hand written message on the back.
I like to think that I put love and thought into my packaging when I sell any items, but this is simply beyond anything I have ever done.
Jackie, you made my day doing this. Never ever did I expect to receive and online order like this, let alone a sale item!
Thank You


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My Handmade Wedding – Table Runners

I discovered that table runners weren’t as cheap as I first thought, specially the ones I had in mind! After a little research (which consisted of about 2 hours on eBay), I decided to make my own for the fraction of the cost. After working out the length I needed for the tables, I purchased more than enough hessian fabric along with some beautiful lace for central detail. All came to about £40 for about 12 or so runners.

I say I made… my wonderful nan helped me 🙂

The first picture here is my wedding, sadly the best photo I have where you can actually see the runners.

However, after my wedding I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I passed them onto my dear friend Katy. She had round tables so wasn’t able to use them in the same way, instead she cut each one into three strips and turned them into bows. These were attached to the end of the pews in the church. They looked amazing!

My Handmade Wedding - Table Runners
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