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Baby Dino Toy

My friend is due to have her first child in October and I really wanted to make her a little something for baby. After a few hours browsing Pinterest (as you do), I came across this great Baby Dino Pattern by First Day of Mae.

I rummaged through my material scraps and ribbon box, hour or so later I managed to pull together this little beauty. I personally feel like I could of done a slightly better job sewing him up after stuffing but I guess that’s the charm of handmade sometimes 🙂


Dinosaur Cross Stitch

I used to do a lot of cross stitch when I was younger, but I feel I had a little more patience back then. Also I didn’t have the likes of the Internet to distract me…

My friends birthday was coming up, so I wanted to make her something a little different. Thankfully she has a love for dinosaurs, so this made the subject matter of the cross stitch easy to decide.

Hard to say how long this actually took me to complete, most likely a couple of solid hours. I managed to stretch it out over two weeks whilst I was unwell, so not bad going.


I also managed to pick up the perfect card to go with my creation. Happy Birthday Katy!


Fabric Notice Boards

Last summer my nan was giving her spare room a facelift and turning it into a craft room. After a casual browse on Pinterest one day, I came across the fabric/ribbon notice boards. I said to nan that I’d make her one for her new room and we board a board ready for it.

About 4 months later…

I was thinking about Christmas presents, with no idea what to do and then I remembered! Down the side of the chair in the living room stood the board, creative fingertips started tingling.

Now, I couldn’t just cover it in fabric, I had to do something a little more special. As nan is very much into her quilting I thought I’d have a go.


After a rummage through my fabric scraps bag, I managed to pull something together. Some spare pieces of ribbon and some fabric buttons later, ta-da! my first fabric notice board 🙂

And I didn’t stop there!

I had uploaded the final photo onto my Instagram and my young cousins pointed out that they liked it. Well that was two more Christmas presents on the to-do list! Luckily I had enquired with Nan on the colours of their rooms.

As I was on a role, I thought it was about time I updated the slightly tatty pin board in the office. Bought this beautiful fabric in Ikea (TIGERÖGA), only £4 a meter! I really do recommend their fabrics, fantastic quality and so cheap.

The Makery Open Day – Embroidery Hoop Pendant

Today I got to visit The Makery once again, this time to make an Embroidery Hoop Necklace. Took my friend Zoe along for some extra crafty company too.

Link to buy your own Embroidery Hoop Kit a the bottom of this post 🙂

The Makery Open Day - Embroidery Hoop Pendant

The Makery Open Day - Embroidery Hoop Pendant

The Makery Open Day - Embroidery Hoop Pendant

You can purchase an Embroidery Hoop Kit from The Makery online shop for £11.50.

The Makery Open Day - Embroidery Hoop Pendant

IKEA Shoe Storage Hack

We already had shoe storage, however the old unit was rather small and the top of it had become a bit of a dumping ground… I was determined to buy/make something that suited our hallway and basically looked a lot nicer.

After a few hours looking on Pinterest for some inspiration, this is what I finally came up with.

The unit is made up of the following:

2 x BISSA Shoe cabinet
1 x EKBY JÄRPEN Shelf (119cmx28cm Oak Veneer)
1 x White Veneer shelf for £1 from the IKEA bargain corner (Cut into three)
4 x Wooden Draw Knobs for about £4 from The Range
1 x Pack of screw brackets for the shelf

IKEA Shoe Storage Hack

My Handmade Wedding – Table Runners

I discovered that table runners weren’t as cheap as I first thought, specially the ones I had in mind! After a little research (which consisted of about 2 hours on eBay), I decided to make my own for the fraction of the cost. After working out the length I needed for the tables, I purchased more than enough hessian fabric along with some beautiful lace for central detail. All came to about £40 for about 12 or so runners.

I say I made… my wonderful nan helped me 🙂

The first picture here is my wedding, sadly the best photo I have where you can actually see the runners.

However, after my wedding I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I passed them onto my dear friend Katy. She had round tables so wasn’t able to use them in the same way, instead she cut each one into three strips and turned them into bows. These were attached to the end of the pews in the church. They looked amazing!

My Handmade Wedding - Table Runners
(c) Albert Palmer Photography

The Makery Open Day – Egg Cup Pin Cushion

A trip to The Makery in Bath was had today! Myself and my nan attended an open day workshop to make an egg cup pin cushion. Such a simple little make and doesn’t take much time at all! 

Also managed to pick up a few bits in their bargain bin, and got a free little goodie bag. 


And to follow our lovely crafty hour, we went for afternoon tea in Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms. If you ever find yourself taking a trip to Bath then I very much recommend visiting Bea’s. 


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