The best dribble bibs!

Robin is nearly two years old, he still dribbles A LOT! Over the last year or so I had gone through a few different styles/brands of bibs, however the ones I’ve stuck with are actually from IKEA.

HIMMELSK Dribble bib £3.50/3 pack

The front is cotton, the back is polyester and they fasten at the back of the neck with Velcro. At £3.50 for a pack of three, these really are great value for money!

The backing soaks up a lot of dribble, it’s usually more wet under Robin’s chin before it will soak through to his top. However, it’s never got to that point because usually as soon as the front goes darker (see image below), I know it’s time for a clean/dry one.

They have been through the wash multiple times and the Velcro still works. I also added name labels to them as Robin has them at nursery. I must admit though, I’ve not seen another child at his nursery wear them… that’s why I felt I needed to write a post about them as they are brilliant!


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