Week 38… not long to go

So today I’m 38 weeks, it’s also my last day of work. Wow, that all went past a lot quicker than I thought. It’s been great being back at my old place of work though, so lovely to catch up with some old faces, kind of feels like I never left in a way. 

Last Friday the husband and I attended a breastfeeding and baby care class which was actually really interesting. Breasts are amazing things aren’t they! All made rather entertaining with the knitted boobies to help you try what the midwife was explaining. The Friday before was positive birth, which basically consisted of learning about the birth process. Having gone through my birth plan with the midwife on the Monday, I found a lot of my questions had already been answered. Still interesting though and it’s great to meet other couples all going through the same thing. 

What’s happened since my last post… well, I should be picking up the new car tomorrow. That’s slightly scary to think about. Okay it’s only slightly bigger than the one I have currently but still. Update: Car no longer happening as there was a slight mess up at the garage. Will now have to wait and hope there is one in the country, but it’s looking unlikely that it’ll be sorted before baby. Not much I can do so I guess no point stressing over it all. 

Oh, we also got ourselves a really good second hand slimline dishwasher, yup that’s right, we are joining the dishwasher club :p That should be getting installed on Thursday. 
Oh yes, it was also my birthday last week. My final year as a twenty something, that big 30 next year! I did always say I’d like be be married by 28 and first child by 30, so I’m roughly a year ahead on both. Well done me!

In terms of baby developments, he’s obviously getting himself ready for the journey out. Lightning pains have been a feature this week, and yes they are pretty much like they sound. Along with the general feeling of being uncomfortable most of the time, oh and the leg swelling! Don’t forget that. 

My mental state is somewhat vacant for some reason. Scared yet oddly calm about the birth part, but I can’t tell if I’m forcing myself to not thing further ahead than that so not to get stressed. I guess having not been through any of this before, I’m somehow not focusing on it and taking it as if comes. Which is not like me if I’m honest, I usually worry about every little thing and stress myself out with every little detail, but this time that’s not happening. It’s the hormones, yeah I’ll say those are the cause haha. 

I’m still concerned about money, don’t think I will ever stop worrying about that to be honest. My aim is to see if I can stretch to 6 months off, but I think 4-5 is going to be slightly more realistic. 

Here I am rambling on again, talking about nothing really of interest. Got another midwife appointment on Thursday, which will most likely be like the others accept this time the midwife saying ‘Might not see you at your next appointment’ will be most likely be true. Unless he wants to bake for a little longer, I seriously hope not. 

Right, time to complete this final day of work. Then I can hopefully relax and make the most of any alone time I can get. Until next time…

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