Week 36 in my belly

Only this morning I somewhat regretted not blogging my pregnancy week-by-week. I guess I do have the husbands diary to look back on (yup, still haven’t read any of it yet). I think its definitely going to be something I do next time, whenever that will be. Here I am talking about child number 2 and I haven’t even popped out number 1 yet!

It’s week 36 today, that’s 4-6 to go, unless he wants to make a slightly earlier appearance of course. I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable now, sleeping has become weird and the tiredness has very much returned. Next week I’ll obviously be 37 weeks but it’ll also be my 29th birthday, which in the day will be spent at work and then the evening I might just treat myself to some nice food and an early night, wooooo go me!

In regards to work, I finished all of the html newsletters at the Science publishing company last week and now find myself back at the publishing company I was made redundant from back in 2014. Oh the irony! It’s been fun so far actually, seeing some familiar faces and catching up with a few of them. The company has very much changed since I was last here but it doesn’t feel alien which is nice.
Here until the 21st March and then that’s me done! Going to relax at home before the birth decides to commence.

Had a midwife appointment yesterday, this time it was to discuss my birth plan. I like to think that mine is pretty simple, water birth and no drugs unless I request them. It all sounds a lot more complicated when the MW talks you through all of the options, each followed with the sentence ‘but obviously you don’t have to decide on that now’. The 10min conversation about tearing on a Monday morning was somewhat of an interesting one…
I’m not really scared about the birth, more intrigued if anything if I’m honest. I wonder how my body will react and how much of the pain I’ll be able to gas&air myself through. If anything it’s the going home with a baby part that scares me more. Yet another thing you can’t really plan, not knowing what they will be like.

Reaching 36 weeks has made me think ‘okay, this is going to happen now’ and not knowing when is weird. When asked I say ‘I’m due 4th April’, some replying with ‘oh my that’s soon, you’re still working?’ and others reply with ‘still a while to go yet then’. I don’t get that last statement, I’ve been growing this human for 8 months now, 4 weeks is hardly a while to go!

Anyway, I’m just writing random thoughts again. Just wanted to write a few thoughts down and a little update.


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