Never Ignore Your Capped Mileage!

Back in May 2015 I had an Automatic Hyundai Atos car, or what I liked to call ‘My postman pat van’. It was a great little runner until one of the wheel bearings messed up really bad and it was going to cost about £400 to fix. Now, as the car only cost me £400 in the first place, this didn’t sound good. I needed something reliable and wouldn’t end up in the garage at least once a week. I was recommended by a couple of friends to get a PCP contract so to get a brand new car.

I took a trip to my local car dealer who specialised in Citroen. Now, I passed my test in 2008 and never drove on my own until 2015 (no where to park when you live in central Bath). Whilst looking at the C1 I assumed that an automatic would be fine to get but how I was wrong! Far too expensive sadly so the only option was a manual. The sales guy asked if I wanted to take a C1 for a test drive, oh my goodness that was beyond scary!

Anyway! To not make this blog post any longer than it actually needs to be… nearly 2 years into my contract, I stupidly forgot about the miles cap in my contract. Put it this way, it says I can do 6,000 miles pa, so that’s 18,000 over my 3 year contract. My contract runs out in May 2018 and currently I’m on 20,000 miles. You don’t need a maths degree to work out I’ve messed up a little there. My work situation was different when I originally took out the contract, but since then I’ve had a job where I did a lot of car journeys to other cities. And also maybe one or two too many trips to IKEA… I guess it’s not fair to blame it all on work.

So I check the contract, panic sets in when I read ‘a charge of £0.06 per mile over cap, if 30% over agreed then this cost could be doubled’. So next year could be like coming back to an expensive hotel room whilst drunk, raiding the mini bar along with renting all of the films and then getting the bill the next morning!

Thankfully, the car dealership I’m with were so helpful yesterday. The C1 is a lovely car, but the downside is the boot space as you can only really fit just a buggy in there and not much else. Also the back doors don’t open very widely so that could make taking the car seat in and out a little more difficult. So after about 3 hours in the dealership, we decided to upgrade to the new C3, which comes in a rather nice Almond Green.

This did also mean that my monthly payments have gone up by about £100, certainly not ideal right now but it seemed to be the best option. If I had continued then I would of been in a far worse position near the end of my contract. This time I have 10,000 miles pa, a lot more realistic I’m sure you’ll agree. Yes it’s an increase on the payment side of things, however I guess you can’t really put a price on convenience. Hopefully this car will make it easier for us with new baby and at least we are sorted if I were to have another in the next couple of years.


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