Funding my maternity leave

As you may of seen in my previous blog post, my husband and I are expecting our first child in April this year (very exciting). Sadly  money wise I’ve been struggling and am concerned about the length of maternity leave I’ll get. Firstly, let me explain what has happened…

In 2016, my husband and I were trying our best for a baby. It didn’t look like it was happening for us so we were referred to a fertility clinic. Whilst waiting for our appointment I decided to find a new job as the one at the time was causing a lot of stress and I thought this could be one of the reasons for lack of baby. Fertility appointment happened in July, we were both convinced it wasn’t going to happen for us that year. I started a new job at the beginning of August and within one week into the role I discovered I was pregnant! (around 5-6 weeks!) Success!
(Due date April 4th 2017)

I continued with my new job as normal for a few more weeks but then started to struggle. When I was about 10 weeks my performance was judged and I was at a loss, I simply had to tell them. I was hoping that it wouldn’t change things and that they would be able to accommodate but sadly that wasn’t the case.  My role was very fast paced, required a lot of traveling to different cities and doing some manual work. There was no where else within the company I could go (without moving all the way to London) so I decided along with my employers that it was best to leave and find another role.

Sadly this didn’t quite go to plan, I was unable to get a new full-time role (being pregnant is considered a risk it seems) and due to not being with a company long enough I am only eligible for statutory maternity pay (£139.40pw), which doesn’t cover my share of the rent or bills. I’m currently doing temporary work but this is just about covering my outgoings so I’m struggling to save any money for leave. Once baby is born I will get more financial help, but even then it doesn’t quite reach my monthly out goings.

The current temporary position I’m in would like to keep me until the end of February which is great news.  I just hope I can find something for March too. It looks like the week before my due date is the best time to stop work, even though it would be nice to stop before. But the sooner I stop the more savings I will have to use even before baby is born, which isn’t wise.

I know it’ll all work out in the end, well I do hope so anyway, but I continue to worry. I kick myself for not saving money earlier but then again I didn’t expect to loose my well paid job and as I said earlier was pretty convinced baby wasn’t going to actually happen anytime soon. I’ve tried my best to be as financially smart as possible, 0% balance transfers so I don’t have to worry too much about credit debt, possible reductions on household bills, cancelling any unnecessary direct debits. I feel like I’ve done as much as I can at the moment. I even sold my DSLR camera, but then again I hadn’t used it for a while so I’m glad it’s now gone to a better home.

Right now I’m doing something I didn’t think I would do, last resort if you will. I decided to set up a Just Giving page to help me safe just that little bit more. I know there are a lot more worthy causes out there than me, but I had run out of options for saving more money 😦 Thanks to those who have donated so far, it’s very much appreciated. When little one is here, thank you cards will certainly be made that’s for sure!


As for what I’ll do when I return to work… who knows! In an ideal dream world I would love to do something craft related on course. Even if it was looking after an E commerce site or doing some marketing for an existing craft brand. Whatever it ends up being, creative in some way it will be 🙂


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