Scoff Box Unboxing

Scoff Box is a new monthly subscription box for those who love retro and classic sweets! Each month they package up and post you an impressive selection for anyone with a sweet tooth.Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.54.43Subscription starts from £12.99 for one month, with 3 and 6 month prepay and gift options also available.

I must admit when my box arrived, I was surprised at how big it was. Once inside, all of the sweets were bundled together with yellow tissue paper and yellow ribbon. When I removed these to see what treats were there, I was amazed by the amount you got. £12.99 might seem more expensive than some other boxes, however you certainly get value for month that’s for sure! Also it’s free shipping!

Other than the Chocolate Honeycomb and the Jelly Babies, all of the other sweets are new to me. Sadly I’m not a fan of Reese’s Pieces, but the husband can have those. Very much looking forward to digging into these, I would say they will keep me going for a while but my husband does have a very sweet tooth. Might have to ration him.

In conclusion, this is a really good box and you won’t be disappointed by it’s contents.

Check out their Facebook page for an exclusive 20% off your first box (ends 11th May)



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