New crafting space

So it’s New Years Day… Jerry and I sat down in the office and thought it could do with a good sorting out. The main issue was that he required a new desk as his twin monitor stand was, well, eating the desk. 

Where did you go I hear you say! IKEA of course!

We returned home with a new desk for Jerry, an extra desk for me and some other bits and bobs. After moving our massive 4×4 Expedit unit out and moving a 2×4 one in, I finally had space for a crafting area. 

So 2016 for us, well mainly me, was spent sorting the piles upon piles of craft items I had accumulated over goodness knows how many months.
I was proud of my ribbon storage solution though 🙂 I picked up this metal basket thing from the Red Bargain Corner for 50p. Couple of screws in the side of my storage unit and there you have it, easy access ribbons!

A month or so later I managed to pick up these wired draws (also from IKEA) for £20. It fits perfectly under my desk.



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